Soldier who hasn’t met, seen, or supported his daughter for 10 years!

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He left me pregnant with twins 10 years ago. Didn’t even tell me he was leaving me. On the day I miscarried our son and our daughter was battling for her life he was marrying someone else! I was waiting for him in Greece while stationed in Europe to call me back after our last call. He never did. For ten years he would call and see how we are doing but the minute I would ask if he would help he would never call back. Ten years later I am in the US and so is he. I am a veteran he is still active duty. I am finally in medical school, he divorced his wife of 9 .5 years for a 20 year old. I asked him if he could insure our daughter since it is free for active duty as I am in medical school and cannot afford it. He never called back, so I filed through the state of KY. 7 months later he was forced to take a DNA test to prove paternity so the state can force him to insure her and now get child support. NEVER in 10 years has he provided anything for his child. Since the court order in December, he is in arrears , owes me for medical bills, and refuses to pay. He is a deadbeat and the world should know this. JASON ADAM PETERSON OWES CHILD SUPPORT and has never supported his daughter and is stationed at FT HOOD TEXAS. I hope the world knows what a deadbeat he is !

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You need to get ahold of his CO!!! That is grounds for dishonrable discharge!!!!!

I tried that – I got stonewalled. So much for the military. I guess the ARMY enforces the UCMJ on a discretionary basis.

Tore, from one veteran to another, thank you for your service.

As far as your deadbeat father goes, you might try contacting Bill Flores–the new U.S. Representative for this area of Texas. The former congressman, Chet Edwards, was–and is–useless, which is why he got thrashed in last year’s election.

I’ve been out of the military a long time, but back then, being delinquent on child-support payments was an easy fix. JAG and base/post commander fixed it so that child support was automatically withdrawn from your paycheck and sent to the mom.

You had no choice or say in the matter. And God help you if you abused your wife or ex-wife in any manner. You checks were still garnished, but you had a reduction in rank because after you got out of sick bay, you were in the brig.

I might devote a blog column to this guy. Most veterans are stand-up folks and do the right thing. Obviously your ex isn’t one who falls into that category.

Good luck to you, hang in there, and contact U.S. Rep Bill Flores’ office. They’ll help you. No base commander wants the attention of a Tea Party congressman. Here’s some information for him:

600 Austin Avenue, Suite # 29
Waco, TX 76701
Phone: (254) 732-0748
Fax: (254) 732-1755

1505 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-6105
Fax: (202) 225-0350

Let his staffers know that you are a veteran and that you need their help because the deadbeat dad is presently active duty.

There are always next steps if gov’t folks don’t help you out. The local newspapers down there would love a story like this.



I am the exwife and not only is all of this true but he cheated on me with his current wife while they were stationed together over in Iraq. His chain of command and other commands even knew that they were together over there and did nothing about it and everyone knew that he was still married to me. I even asked his chain of command and ig to do a formal investigation on the fraterinization and they denied to do one. He even divorced me over the phone from iraq, and even kicked me and my son out of my house! He also cut me off financially, and continued to receive BAH for me and my son living with him for over a year when we didn’t and his chain of command knew all about it and wouldn’t do anything to help me. They even knew that his now wife, they just got married at the beginning of march, was living with him even though we were still married. Another thing he did was remove me from my car insurance policy without telling me! The only reason I found out was because my car insurance company called me and told me. I am a disabled veteran and that is why I could not understand why the military wouldn’t help me. The military at Fort Hood has let me down and that is a shame! Oh he is also a great liar! He lied to me for almost ten years about Tore and his daughter but atleast now I know the truth! He says the same things about me as he says about Tore but he hsa added vindictive. I hope that someone will read what Tore and I wrote and will step up and do the right thing! We don’t want anything for ourselves, but our children deserve what their father owes them, and I hope that the military will help them get it one day soon!
Thanks for the advice!

this is probably the worst i’ve read! congrats tore on getting into medical school! i hope you and exarmywife see the day this loser gets punished.

Thank you for your comments! Today, his attorney’s answer to my post on was to say I shouldn’t have done that. Well, then why are you still in arrears? I can post anything I like, my right of speech, unless I am lying, that is considered slander. But hey, I am not lying, he is just getting caught lying. He could have saved himself money by insuring her and thanking me for taking care of our child instead of cussing me out, angering me,making up lies and stories to his ex-wife and family and waiting for the courts to decide. He could have saved himself money on lawyers and saved himself from worldwide exposure…google his name and this comes up. Still over 2K in arrears….until today!

Penniface thank you for what you said but for me all I want is for him to follow the courts orders like he agreed to because we agreed to everything in the divorce we did not fight over anything. He actually gave me custody of my son. His words were she can have him I don’t want him. Then when it came down to his visitations he stopped the attorney and said whoa whoa whoa I don’t want that much visitation I only want one weekend a month of my choosing, an extended period of time in the summer, every other Thanksgiving, every other Christmas, and every spring break. He also agreed to pay for all the cost of transportation to see his son. Now he wants to change his mind. I also want him to treat my son right, just like any mother would want. And give my son what he is entitled to and that’s all! For me I just want what is best for my child and what is rightfully his!

It is now MAY 2011 , over 1 year of insure your daughter, over 4 court orders later he is still in arrears. Oh, and by the way , his attorney ATTEMPTED to ask the judge to VIOLATE my right of speech to remove this embarrassing posting… BUT since it is all true and no lies… then unfortunately the judge said HE IS DECLINING HIS REQUEST… laughed out of court.. trying to shut me up so that the world doesn’t know what a deadbeat he is LOLOLOL. By the way, he is going to Afghanistan next week, his daughter’s birthday is this THUS, which he has never EVER seen in person and possibly never will..oh and his son is actually going to be in the same city, his ex wife even offered visitation, which he declined!! What kind of soldier decides he doesn’t want to see ANY OF HIS KIDS before he is deployed?? A DEADBEAT !! Sugarmomma Says no kids or you can’t have me LOLOL DEADBEAT – doesn’t see his kids but his 21 year old trailer trash SHEMAN (She has a male twin – means she is a bit of both LOL) who will hussy about while he is gone, because she will realize, she is paying his ex-wife’s mortgage, his child support bills, his attorney bills leaving her with nothing LOLOL. When me and ex-wife said we were happy they were together we meant it!!! Nothing better than seeing the person who treats his kids like crap tread through it himself!!
NExt time you want me to take down the truth about you , pay me the medical bills you were court ordered to, pay me child support and make sure you have your business squared away before you have the nerve to ask… oh, I mean pay your attorney money to talk to me about this again… I mean have your sugarmomma pay your attorney!

Best of luck to you. My sister just graduated VMI with honors. First female to win the three-legged-stool award. She’s also going to med school!

I’m a joint-physical Dad. Means his mom and I both have him half time each. She has to pay me child support but it works different in joint-physical situations. It see saws back and forth as our incomes change.

You know whats truly sad about this he has two beautiful children that he will never really know. His kids will one day read this and see what he has done to them for her and realize if they haven’t already that you don’t arrange your life around a 21 year old girl. Because in reality yeah she is old enough to serve but she is still a child her self and all she cares about is herself because she has no kids. He should be thinking about those babies and putting them above and beyond anything and everything. He lost 2 great women already and the sad thing is you can’t blame the wife for this because she say what she wants but only he can make the actions. I can say this much I hope she doesn’t make the mistake of having kids with him because if she can talk him in to treating his son the way he does Then she really doesn’t deserve them.

daisybaby…what you are saying is true. It is a true shame, it is too bad he chooses to see his children as the enemies as opposed to blessings. Exavior, thanks for the congrats and congrats to your sis. It was really hard and to get to where I am raising a child on your own is hard…I put my life on hold for my baby, and now I can offer her (soon will be able) anything she wants and more.

3 for 1

Three stupid bitches, 4 kids, & one deadbeat loser!

Nothing is going to change about your situations because you fail to recognize that 1. you put yourself and children where your at and 2. it won’t change until you swallow that “reality” pill that you made and make poor choices.

Good luck

(not really)

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