Sorry Deadbeat that doesn’t deserve to be on this planet…….Glen Williams

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Attention Mobile, Daphne, Fairhope, Spanish Fort, and surrounding areas! This sorry excuse for a Man doesn’t do anything for his children. He’s a liar, user, and a worthless piece of space that needs to be put away. He doesn’t work and rather use women to take care of his sorry arse. My two year old is very sick with a rare muscle disorder. She is completely paralyzed and will be on a ventilator for life. He might of giving me a total of $300.00, a box of diapers, a bottle of baby shampoo, and a bottle of baby lotion since she’s been born. Other than that he has not been supportive what so ever in raising her. You think when you have a child with a terminal illness you would want to spend as much as time with them as possible, but he rather spend more time shining his damn car than be with his children. He has 8 kids that I know of, but I’m sure he has more (which I didn’t know about when I met him). He wears the best clothes, keeps everything on his car straight and does nothing for his children. I’m working on child support but because there are so many dead beat dads in our local area, its taking forever. Ladies if you see this man coming, run away!! Don’t even give him the time a of day!

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Just awful :( , I think heartless Dads like this are a waste of oxygen too

Can’t stand the dog………..wait dog is too nice of a word for this a hole.

Omg! I do not know him but from the area will be on the look out for him and will talk about his deadbeat ass if I see him in the area.

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