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Where do I start. I divorced this deadbeat almost 4 yrs ago but left him 5 yrs ago because he was not only abusive but he was even then sorry as sin. He refused to work period, however always looking for a way to get over on anybody and/or the system. He has not willfully paid child support to his three children period and he is only required to pay a combined total of $240 ALL TOGETHER. The only time he paid child support was for 8 months in a combined five years of him owing. Other than that this dude refuses to not only pay child support but to even send his kids socks or a loaf of bread BUT, he files them on his taxes and takes the money that I use to support my kids for himself. STILL not as much sending them a pair of shoes but he takes a trip to Texas during Super Bowl 45. Of course he is behind in child support thousands of dollars but somehow, someway he finds a way to manipulate the system. He has used my kids to try and get food stamps for himself, and assistance from churches. ALL BECAUSE HE DOES NOT AND WILL NOT WORK. Since I divorced this man, and mind you I paid for the divorce TWICE because he refused to sign the documents, he has cost me more money and jobs than he has had his entire life. He has done this by continually taking me back and forth to court in attempt to modify the divorce decree all because he found out that as long as one case was pending the attorney general can’t enforce him to pay support. I have hired attorneys, taken off of work, and even lost a job due to this. Even more he has embarrassed my children beyond belief. Whats so bad, he could care less. He still has no job, living back and forth between family members. But I will tell you the blessing in all this; this last time he attempted to get the decree modified the case went to trial and the judge saw his pattern and irresponsible behavior and granted me full custody of my kids. Please believe I could care less about this person or what comes of his life. I wish with everything in me that he leaves us alone. He has been nothing but a hinderance and doesn’t want to see us succeed without him. BUT We have and we will continue.

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You go Girl! I’m sure you can do it all by yourself…. Alot of times children are better off without a crazy, lazy, deadbeat dad around them…..

“A little advice”- Sue him for all the lost you’ve had during this divorce process. ;-) And FU** HIM

Justice for kids!!!

As happy as I get that there are others who get it, feel the same way I do, it is terrifying that there are so many of us custodial parents NOT receiving child support. Evem worse, just as you said, they just dont care. We cant even count on the judicial system to help us out & restore our faith that the system, can work….cuz as we cleary see on this site, it isnt. Hang in there! We.can never give up on the good fight!

I would post him on

Oh and his name is Tommy Lawton… I forgot to put that in there. Back and forth from Detroit, Chicago, and Texas managing his cousins rap career but he can’t seem to manage to provide for his kids. I wish I would have loved myself more in the past and walked away from this disaster.

Sounds EXACTLY like my friend’s ex!!! To a tee!

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