Stanley J Nwosu

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I hate to do this but how much lies and damage is this dumb ass will do before something worse happens.

First off I am going to clear the record by stating the facts

He is not too dorky looking to be abusive
He is NOT poor his parents are both Psych tech’s
He is not Asian he is NIGERIAN
He is NOT from any gang
His own mother said he’s unstable
He is 22 years old not 18 nor 17.
He uses suicide threats to get attention
He’s extremely jealous
he’s trying to ruin his babys mother career as a model and a musician just to get back at her
Yes we know hes ugly but somehow he ended up with a pretty baby mother

He has a 7 month old son , While the mother of his child was pregnant he hit her, he claims his friend Robert forced him to do it .He stalked her,harassed her, and made threats to shoot his son, throw him against the wall and sell him. He claims again that his friend Robert is responsible and forced him. You are a grown man how can any one force you? He has not been convicted of any crime due to his friends covering for him but legal action has been taken against him where he cannot have visitation nor communication with his son. His friend Robert called his own Son a samoan faggot and a little bastard. What kind of father are you to let any one call your son a faggot. Its funny because robert is currently in the united states naval bootcamp. I hope they catch on to what you and your little boyfriend is doing because they will throw him out. Stanley spends his money on yu-gi-oh cards and anime also art supplies. If you dont have any money to support the child how can you afford anime shit. If you arent ready to be a father why are you stalking and making threats. Leave people alone! you need mental help “if you leave me i”ll kill myself” ” i will kill myself in front of the baby” she should of called the police on your crazy fat ass a long time ago

Don’t support his artwork on devaintart (kajigawa/tainted/taynted/copyoni/copyskillz/sutanitu J vandergosh) ,he doesnt deserve any scholarships and girls please be careful he is out of control , He’s not a nerd or innocent. He has a son. he is NOT aborted hes still alive. dont believe the lies everyone else knows the truth about him.

One more thing stanley if you hate pilipino/samoan’s so much why would you get one pregnant???!!! before you come at anyone with the racist shit think about what ethnic background your son is. You are a failure and a disgrace to nigerian culture too bad you are US born because you deseve to be deported.

Say hello to robert. He likes to make threats on children and call 7 month old babies faggots

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