Stephen “Shotgun” Willis is the biggest deadbeat in Detroit, MI

Posted on : 06-09-2011 | By : Chance | In : Deadbeat Dads, Michigan


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This is the world’s biggest deadbeat. Stephen aka Steve or Shotgun is one of the worse dads ever. When I met him he said he had two boys. I was fine with that cuz he seem to be an ok dad. Well I got pregnant in 09 and when my son arrived he was a different person. In my son’s first year of life he received $10, 8 car visits and one diaper change. When I started talking about taking him to court he wanted to act like he wanted to be there well he wasn’t. When I went to court I found out that he had two other children(not the ones he told me about) I called him and asked him about these kids and he denied them. I told him he was lying and then asked how many children did he have he hung up and stop answering my calls. Well the next day his girlfriend(who he also denied having) called my phone and told me that with my son he now has…..9 kids. She said he never mentioned my son( I guess not the whole time they were together so were we) and the two that he told me about is all that he claims. She also said that while going through his phone she found the number of 5 other women including his other child’s mother. This man is living multiple lives and not caring about none of these children. The man should be put some where and tortured but its cool he has to answer to a higher power. Women beware of this man.

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wow……i know him who r u? number what? im number 2….smh…i would like to know….

I don’t know what number I am cuz every time I ask how many kids does he have he tells me ” I don’t know”

Now I have people calling my phone to tell me that this deadbeat is saying my son is not his, really Stephen… Well the state of Michigan says that he’s urs and Jesus knows he’s urs so if u say so….funny thing is he was just at my house playing daddy wit my son and asking me to take this ad off lol yeah right cuz u will always and forever be a CRAPPY DAD DUMMY!!!!!!! I try to let u come around cuz lil Steve loves u to death and I don’t know y. He has only seen the deadbeat 15 Times or so but he will not go to sleep if this dude is around until he leaves his sight because he doesn’t want to miss a moment wit this clown. And then he comes over talking that I love u and my son….nigga u ain’t never loved me or my son….especially if u telling others he’s not urs but that’s his way of trying to get the goods…Shotgun use one please!!!!!! And don’t worry since lil Steve is not urs that’s fine I got this I been had it…

Also if u have read this post and like it please visit the Facebook page Stephen Willis (Shotgunn) and u tell me if my son is his thanks a lot for helping me in the fight against deadbeatism

So I texted this fool today because my son starts daycare (since the deadbeat couldn’t keep his son one day out of the week but he doesn’t have a job and do the same shit everyday on Pasadena) and there are some things that he needs..diapers, wipes, extra clothes, shoes, sheets and a blanket, to start off. Well this dude NEVER texted back and I didn’t ask for him to buy everything just help me but I GUARANTEE that if I would have texted him for the very thing that has me in this situation (dick) he would have called right back but its cool….Lil Steve received the only $10 this man has ever given him when he was 11 months (no he didn’t do shit for his birthday he didn’t even know it) now my son is 16 about to be 17 months so in 6 months I haven’t received a dime but u should see his truck and he is said to be cashing his girlfriend out but I can’t get help wit my son lol but I forgot lil Steve isn’t his right…this one foul ass Nigga but Shotgun don’t worry I won’t ask ur punk ass for shit else….and bitch I hope u don’t ever need a bone marrow cuz my son can’t provide shit for ya bitch ass!!!!!!!

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