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This man has a “family business” and electivly does not work so to avoid any financial or medical support to his daughter. He is seen at NFL and NHL games along with driving a 5 series BMW and Hummer, and living on the water in the most expensive part of town.
His past due amount is over $11,000 and we have only been divorced for about a year.
The state of Florida has a support order but because he “atempts to pay” sporatically there is no consequense to him, only an additional financial pressure on me.
He has never paid for any portion of medical expense for his daughter even when she had heart surgery and does not pay for her daycare or after care or offer to take her so she does not have to go to daycare.

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That must be hooker he is with in that picture.

Wonder what you did to that baller that he does not want to pay for your daughter? How much did they order him to pay?

I was Steve’s classmate at David Lloyd George elementary school in Vancouver, BC, Canada from 1986-87. He must have failed at least two grades as his classmates were at least two years younger than he was. He was certainly a teacher’s pest who would always misbehave and never did well in his studies and would want to party all the time. He would often be chastised by his teachers Mr. Innes and Mr. Puddicombe, and the principle Mrs. Underhill. He had countless detentions at that school, and he would rebel by putting up pictures of Madonna, Corey Hart, and Max Headroom in the classroom. A certainly a big loser and his only male friend was another misbehaving student in the class, Joe Ma.

However, he seemed to be very popular among the girls in the class despite his bad behavior and bad academic performance. It looks like in adulthood, he continued to be popular among women as exhibited by the woman in picture and the original poster Just4Brianna. Just why the heck are men like Steve Boukalis so attractive for women when he was disliked by his teachers and male classmates?

Continuing off with my previous post, Steve (Stelio) Boukalis also has a criminal record as he’s been arrested and charged in Florida at least twice. Just do a google search for ‘Stelio Boukalis’ and you can see his mugshots.

Shame on Steve for engaging in criminal activities in addition to him being a deadbeat dad. But shame on his women as well for CHOOSING to marry and have kids with a wicked criminal like Steve while rejecting good, nice, docile men who are probably richer and are not deadbeats!

You do not need to wait for the DOR to force action. You can go to the clerk of court and file a motion of default yourself. Yes you can. I did it that way. It was better than waiting for them to decide it met their requirements. You will have to pay for the sheriff serving the papers and the cost to make copies but that is not too much. When I did it it was only $ 20. Just file the motion using the existing child support order that you have from the state.

I submitted a request to have this post pulled down. Not worth the drama it causes.

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