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Stewart Fry – DOB July 1, 1958 – Living either in Sooke, Aldergrove, Surrey, Abbotsford, Aldergrove, Maple Ridge, Langley, or Nanaimo, BC, Canada. Owes over $50,000 plus in back child support to two separate children. In fact one mother has been waiting 29 years to collect. He is now a grandfather and does not see his children or his grandchildren. Information on where his past or present employment is greatly appreciated. He does auto body restoration and auto body painting.

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Stewart Fry | Wednesday Jun 13
Just for your information. My name is Stewart Fry
I’m not in hiding and I don’t live in Sooke and not in a relationship with Tracy although she is a friend of mine.
The two mothers who post this garbage on this website have nothing better to do , Apparently can’t get on with there lives after 14 and 26 years. It’s quite sad that people post in untrue info on the Internet. I pay child support , but can’t see my children because of controlling mothers who are full of hatred. There names are Shelley Adelle Morgan no Shelley MacDonald of Surrey B.C
I have been cut off from seeing my daughter since she was seven years old. Unfortunately it’s easy for a mother to manipulate children.
The sad truth is she had no regard for the well being of my daughter.
I have to wait until my daughter is old enough to decide that she doesn’t have to be controlled by her mother anymore. Meanwhile the so called mother puts my daughter through this and doesn’t care about my daughters future. If she did she would never have kept my daughter away from me . She has an older daughter from a relationship before me and did the exact same to her and her dad. Shelley won’t even allow her own mother to see my daughter either because her mother supported me in court because she is a Grandmother of integrity and truth.
Shelley is married and has two kids with another father. That equates to 3 Fathers and 5 Children. I pray that those children don’t become victims of the same fate. The second mother that is behind this piston is Melanie Penner (Jocelyn) of Surrey B.C. My daughter is is now 29 and has two daughters, being my Grandaughters who I have never met. Melanie poisoned my oldest against me as well and tells my daughter she can’t see me because I owe monies to her .Now if you look at the big picture it’s very easy to see this is all about control and absolutely nothing to do with my daughters or granddaughters .
If these mothers care about there kids (there own flesh and blood ) they would never allow this to have happened. I know relationships end and yes the children become innocent victims . But why should they be punished when it’s got nothing to do with them.
As you can see this is a vicious cyle that repeats it self. All can say is if you have kids and your marriage or relationships dont let your children become pawns or victums of your failings . Children , Grandchildren, Grand Parents , Aunts , Uncles ,Nieces, Nephews and Moms and Dads need to be able to see thete family. Anything short of that is a crime against children.
Is it about money or is it about the welfare of children. May God forgive them for their ignorance and disgraceful behavior. We all have to answer in the end for our actions . So trust me what you think your getting away with now will abruptly come to a end.

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