Such a coward!

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His name is Kenneth Wilson Schneider, he decided one night while I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with our first child to run into the front of me causing harm to my unborn daughter, he also got in my face that night as blew ciggiret smoke in my face and verbally abused me. Before that night I had went through this with him for over 3 yrs. He was quick to play the “I’m not the daddy game” when I told him I was expecting. 3 diffirent times now he has walked out on me and left me with all the bills and with a lease, he has never helped with any of the bills anyway. When he’s not living off of me he lives in a homeless shelter cause he just can’t seem to hold down a job for longer then two weeks, he is 43 yrs old and runs away from ALL of his responsibilites. He is a total coward and I have had enough. He is currently hiding out somewhere here in Reno. I am brand new to this site so I don’t know if I need to go into detail the effort that has been put forth already in trying to track him down, he has a warrent out for his arrest for the night he assulted me. PLEASE if you see him on the street call the Reno Police dept.

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I am legally savvy in Nevada. I’m actually a single dad myself with joint-physical custody. That means half the week he’s with me. In my case my ex pays me child support but at one point I was paying her. We are both up to date.

If this guy has no job not much I can do. Otherwise, reply to this post and maybe I will offer an email address.

Thanks but no thanks, he will never pay child support I’m more focused on establishing paternity so I can open a custody case and remain sole, legal custody of my daughter. He’s a bum and he’s always going to be a bum. My daughter is never going to be put in his “care”. He’s so quick to call me a whore but yet he dodges the DA’s office and plays lil games in order to avid getting served, gee I wonder why…. He can rot in hell for all I care, I am not ever going to waste another second of my time on his bs. He’s the DA’s problem now and they had made it clear he’s not getting away with anything, he already owes back child support cuz he keeps playing games, and I have proof that has been handed over to the DA that already establishes paternity. He’s so fucked either way. Karma’s a bitch and I’m busy being a single mom. I’ve wasted too much time on him as it is, it’s in God’s hands now and forever. Have a blessed day.

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