“Super Dad” NOT!

Posted on : 25-08-2011 | By : sunkist882010 | In : Arkansas, Deadbeat Dads


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This is my ex husband and his wife. He calls himself super dad.!!! He is far from it. When we first split was because he was seeing his now wife for 4 months before hand and I got tired of it and left. Our boys are 3 and 2!!!! He does more for his step son then he does for his own children. He does see them once a week and every other weekend but he is trying to call that joint and believes because he can not claim them on taxes then he should not have to pay me child support or get anything for my house for them! He says if I can not afford them too just hand them back over!! YEA RIGHT!!

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Great looking dame. Congrats, bro.

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