Tea Party Rep. Joe Walsh from Illinois

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The only thing worse than a liar is a deadbeat liar, and Joe Walsh qualifies. It seems that while he’s had money to loan his campaign $35,000 and gallivant around with his girlfriend, his ex-wife and children haven’t received anything from him. Yeah, this from the same guy who had the nerve to open up his video with this:

“President Obama, quit lying. Have you no shame, sir? In three short years, you’ve bankrupted this country.”

Chicago Sun-Times:

Before getting elected, he had told Laura Walsh that because he was out of work or between jobs, he could not make child support payments. So she was surprised to read in his congressional campaign disclosures that he was earning enough money to loan his campaign $35,000.

“Joe personally loaned his campaign $35,000, which, given that he failed to make any child support payments to Laura because he ‘had no money’ is surprising,” Laura Walsh’s attorneys wrote in a motion filed in December seeking $117,437 in back child support and interest. “Joe has paid himself back at least $14,200 for the loans he gave himself.”

Walsh’s attorneys responded in court filings: “Respondent admits that funds were loaned to his campaign fund. . . . Respondent admits that the campaign fund has repaid certain loans.”

He personally wrote in court filings that he thought he and his ex-wife were coming to an agreement on the money he owes. He noted that the children have lived with him for part of the last nine years.

Walsh lives with his new wife and children in McHenry. He has not paid any of the $117,437 yet, Laura Walsh’s attorney, Jack Coladarci, said Wednesday.

There’s lots more in the article but I could have written it myself because I was a kid with a dad just like Walsh. Never do they pay for what kids really need, and then they swoop in like Superman to be the dad-hero and take you somewhere that seems really cool with their girlfriend who they’re really trying to impress so you just once again sort of sit on the sidelines.

I can feel Walsh’s ex-wife’s frustration in those court filings. Joe Walsh clearly lies whenever it suits him to avoid obligations, he gets away with all sorts of exceptions others wouldn’t. Others would get their license suspended or their wages garnished. But Walsh seems to manage to stay one step ahead of it whenever he can.

This is the Tea Party writ large right now. Lie, cheat, steal, and then walk away from moral and financial obligations as though they were nothing to worry about. And he has the nerve to call President Obama a liar.

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THIS is the BEST example of one set of laws for the rich and powerful and another set for the rest of the 99%! Why won’t people get off their asses and fight this? I know a LOT of people have been reduced to a 140-word thought process, but if you can comment on YouTube videos and you have time to shop on iTunes and you constantly update your FaceBook page, why can’t you have time to stand up and yell this out in every public forum?

I’m a television producer taping a show on deadbeat dads this week. I’d love to talk to you about your story. You can reach me at 212.419.7413. Thanks! Hope to hear from you.

Will Richards

@BcProd I will have to add some minutes to my TracPhone before I call you. Living on a shoestring budget so call will have to be brief, about 20 mins. at most. I will stay in touch here. I will either call tomorrow shortly after 8 CST or will post a message here if needed. Take care.

John in Kentucky

@NativeSonKY Hey John How about we do 9 or 9:15 CST? Also I have a toll free number I can give you when we talk tomorrow.


Will do, thanks.

BcProd – I tried, and try as I might I just could not afford to put any time on my tracphone this week. My bills and rent took almost all my paycheck and I just couldn’t swing it making the call to you. If you’d like to talk by email, you can find me at jhamptonjr at gmail dot com. Once again, I’m so sorry I couldn’t make the phone call. (And since tracphone charges by the minute the 1-800 number doesn’t help me).

Take Care,
John in KY

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