Tennessee Deadbeat Dad DAVID ANDREW DAVIS

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This is David Andrew Davis he is a deadbeat dad. He owes over $27,000 in back child support. We get court dates and he doesnt show. EVER
He thinks the legal system is a joke and why shouldnt he, he never gets in trouble over it. I have my own website and I make my own posters with his name and birthdate and parts of his record of getting into trouble.(it is posted on our counties website under court information) and I usually have a last known address or two with my email address. It is so sad that he has gotten away with this for so long. He also has children by another woman and doesnt pay their support either.(we(me and other mother) do talk occasionally, that is how I know. I just wish he could be caught and jailed. Just so he would know he couldnt get away with it anymore. I have been told that if he was in jail then he would have three hots and a cot. or I can’t get blood from a turnip. oh well maybe one day.

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