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DEADBEAT DAD – Not fulfilling one’s obligations as a father physically or paying financially.

Hello world and Deadbeats, My Deadbeat dad = Jung Tru has been one since day one. Instead of being a man about his whole situation he felt lying to everyone who was dumb enough to believe his lies was the way to go! This lousy father has 4 children all together but my son, his only son is the only one he has choosing not to take care of!

Why? Well maybe it is because he has been in a relationship with his now long term girlfriend……… An has cheated on her the whole term! So when he took the initiative to continue his cheating, without the proper use of condoms! He ends up with a beautiful baby boy! Sometimes it makes me think if he even knows……. how babies are made?

As of now him and his ugly girlfriend loves the thought that I want him or want to be placed BACK into his life again. Like I’m jealous or something. With their funny twitter/fb status like they on the LOVE BOAT or something! An that’s why I keep messing with him. When……… truth is, that relationship has no value to me, just like it didn’t to him over the past years! An anyone who knows Tru knows that he is the biggest hoe on the STL streets and I was just another victim who ended up pregnant!

An as a father/dad/whore whatever you call yourself. If you take on the role of not using a condom, take on the role of what happens in return when you made that decision! Because I didn’t make that choice by myself! Just like AIDS when you chose to contract it because you didn’t want to use a condom………. Deal with the aftermath of the situation!

We requested a blood test to be done immediately after the baby was born. Due to his protesting on the STL street on how this was not his son! Now here we are 8 months later……… An we are just now getting an order for testing!

Due to his lack of participation…………. Yes I’m upset! Not angry but upset with the fact that he is really trying to act like a deadbeat! Because he does not want to deal with me! Trying to understand………. Why degrade yourself as a man due to someone you once loved?

An he didn’t have to deal with me, there were round about ways that he could have been involved not having to see, talk or speak……… to me! Even if it’s my son he does not want to deal with that’s cool too! “BUT PAY!” If this was truly a mistake in your heart……………. Listen up sweetie…………… WE ALL HAVE TO PAY FOR OUR MISTAKES! GET YOUR CHECKBOOK OUT!

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I’ve been writing and writing….. email after email asking for my profile page of my sons father to be deleted and I have not gotten no responds! It was easy to put it up and get approved why is it so hard to be taken down? At a point in time I was mad and felt like he deserved to be placed on here. But he deserves his respect when he’s doing what a father needs to do for their child! I respect the site and feel like it’s a great thing that you have put together but at the same time when we want to remove a posting because the father has taken on his fatherly role we should be able to remove it as fast as it was placed on. I wonder how many ppl on this site knows for a fact that once you post someone on here there is no removing them if need? How many ppl didn’t read the fine line if the fine line was placed on anywhere on here!!!!!

Hi Hy,

Have had the same problem with this site sadly. Thought is was great there was a place online to call out deadbeats.

Yet the fact that the site owners do not respect the parents who posted on here enough to respond to their requests for removing posts

Seems they are more in it for getting advertising not helping children get supported by both parents.

My family is looking at exposing who site owners are online and to media due to their lack of response to parents who for the sake of their children want the posts they submitted removed.

It really is sad something that seemed beneficial turns out to be exploitative to those who already feel they didn’t have a voice and victimized by the system, sorry they have not respected you enough to even respond, this will get some attention,take care. ….again PLEASE site owners of CRAPPYDADS.COM at least be decent enough to DELETE post when requested by the one who submitted it. Better yet you really should let the victims of deadbeats have the ability to delete their own posts, please think about this.

You’re an adult. You wrote a whole essay about this guy. If you felt it was inappropriate or would become inappropriate you should have thought about it before you posted. It’s wonderful that he is taking care of responsibilities now. Hopefully this site helped with that.

@anothersinglemother yes I wrote a whole essay describing a man who is what this site is all about! Yeah he tried to play a role that was going to show his TrU colors sooner or later and that is once a deadbeat always a deadbeat. At the end of the day this site has been helpful to expose these lames for what they are. HE was the one who trying to get me to delete my posting on this site. I assumed since he was trying wit my son why not. It was all about him and trying to get a deal and this bad cloud keeps popping up about him on the net lol. But after realizing that this man can stay in the same state as his son but only see him a hand full of times outta 6 months tells me something. Child support sits at 9 racks and then im told “don’t feel bad he don’t see or fuck with the other 3 he has”. But has another one on the way smh!!! We (me and my son)washes our hands of dudes ass. I thought he was somebody he most def is not fooled me he’s just like the next lame ass nigga just having kids because he has nothing else to do wit his life. But he has enough bad luck to last him a life time. He went from having a lawyer to the bottom of the pit lhh, went from being secure within his finances to being flat broke and can’t even keep a cell phone on. This nigga went from rocking Gucci, LV and True Religion to rocking the same True Religious hes been rocking for the past 3-4 years maybe even longer than that lhh, express and whatever bogus ass shit he puts on now a days…….. Running around still looking for a record deal in his mid 30s boy that wack ass music and yo old ass aint going far Two Chains got this nigga still wanting to live a broken dream. But don’t get me wrong we wish him the best cuz when he signs a deal so do we ;) #bumtru

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