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Dead Beat Dad ! Loser ! Liar ! #1 Posting Date 6-16-2011
Awww! Doesn’t he look like a normal guy! WRONG… DEADBEAT DAD! LIAR! LOSER!
This guy is to date (6-16-11) owes $28,023.18 in child support, just to me for 2 children. He also owes is first ex-wife back child support on two kids. I do not know the amount. Their kids are now grown and graduated HS. I have bent over backwards to be fair with him in court. I allowed him to let an attorney “friend” change the support amount, then the OAG changed it again during another court date. I could have made him hire an attorney to file a motion, but no, I was fair. But NOTHING from NOTHING is still NOTHING no matter how you look at it! He shows up in court claiming he is indigent, but can smoke, date, go out with buddies, attend concerts, etc… all the while, NOT helping his kids financially! DEAD BEAT DAD !

Ok, $$$ aside, he does not care for his children’s well being either! He smokes cigarettes (no $ for kids, but always for cigs). Our youngest is very allergic to cigarettes. It makes him sick with a fever and his throat hoarse. It makes him physically ill. Terry and his mother, whom he lives with, still smoke around them. They LIE and say they don’t, but back out of my driveway, lit cig in mouth/hand, and window barely cracked! ALL THE TIME! So if they do it right in front of me, do you think they don’t in their own home? Yeah, right! The kids smell like an ashtray when they come home. They have come home, filthy, hungry, and sick. Especially on over night visits.

I could go on and on about the ridiculousness, but is not enough space in the universe for all of it. BEWARE Ladies, he talks a good game, but will only ruin your life.

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