The crappiest person who ever tried to call himself a Father…

Posted on : 05-09-2011 | By : sheri1 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Florida


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Marshall Wade Nelson…of Hollister Florida All he has ever done is break the heart of a little 4 yr old girl. and walked in and out of her life. Like it is okay…He has missed every birthday except her 3rd. And as of September he will have seen her once in a year…And first walked out of her life when she was 3 weeks old. His daughter had his last name 2 months before he signed over her last name to mine. He has been out of her life more than in it. And his way of winning over females is giving his version of events… And lies more than tells the truth. He no longer pays child support and I have no idea where he lives…

Not even one member of his family has even contacted me to see or hear about this little girl.

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