The Dead Beat

Posted on : 28-09-2010 | By : trobinson22100 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Michigan


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This person right here is the biggest deadbeat I know that lives in Detroit, MI. He has a two yr old son that he does no take care of at all. He is a 24 yr old LOSER!! Al he do is party, drink, and do what ever he wants like he has no responsibility! He spends more time in the streets, with his friends, and in the clubs more than he do with his own child. And not to mention he see his son only 3 to 4 times out the yr. He is what u call a “Holiday Dad”. He only wanna see or spend time with his son on birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.

The biggest story that I would like to share is that one day his son needed some diapers. I informed him and his main excuse was that he didn’t have a job. Well how do a 24 yr old man, who lives by his self pay bills with no job? So the next day I seen him, brand new shoes on, brand new $300 phone, and was spending a lot of money in the club. O yea and did I mentioned that he lied about his job!

He only have to pay $150 a month, which isn’t nothing, and he don’t even pay that! So there we go people!! Another statistic growing up and corrupting the world. Making it hard for woman like me. I hope he grow up quick because Karma is a B***H!!

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