The GREEK who isn’t all that – George Madias

Posted on : 26-03-2011 | By : GoodMoms619 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Michigan


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This sorry excuse put his wife in the E.R. and walked out on his kids ages 9 months, 22 months and 3 years old in 2002. They didn’t see a dime or hear from him until 2005 when DCSS in California finally tracked him down. He paid a small amount through lying or refusing to answer about his income, until his ex took him back to court in 2008. In 2008 his child support was doubled and he then decided it was time to be “dad” and tried to sue for full custody. Not mentioning to the court (of course) that he had never tried to speak with his children until support was increased and hadn’t seen them since diapers. He did try to lie all about it and the court officers saw right through his charades. He told the mediator that “he felt bad not taking care of his daughters now that he has a son”. So, he makes his daughters jump through hoops for his sorry butt by making their mother pay over $3,000 for counseling, that was intended to prepare them for him visiting them. After 2 years of counseling his daughters gave up. Now 10, 11, & 12 they have zero patience for his lies too. In fact instead of coming out to visit his kids he bought a house for himself, son and Girlfriend (Sandy) in Redford, MI. He has not seen the girls yet and no longer pays support. His arrears are more than $20,000 and climbing. Although, DCSS has miscalculated this amount and it should be at least triple that. His family is a real prize too. They have never even sent the girls a card for any holiday or birthday the Madias’ and Angelopoulos’ would prefer to pretend that they don’t exist at all. PLEASE help put this sorry excuse where he belongs.

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