The International Dead Beat Dad.

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Meet Greg Haile, the international dead beat dad! He has two boys. One lives in Germany with his mother. Greg was in the military and was stationed in Germany (where he met his son’s mother and married her). When he was sent back to the US he made promises to bring his wife and son with him. He never did. She sent him money for her visa, he spent it on his car! She asks him for help with the baby, he says no! He says he never has money, but he has the money to buy parts for his ugly truck, things for his new girl friend, things for his dog, and things for his self! The boy is almost 2 and has never received anything from his father. His other boy lives in the states, he refuses to acknowledge the child as his (even after a DNA test). The mother to this child filed for child support when the child was 6 months old, the payments did not start until the child was 2. Now, since he has gotten out of the military, the payments have stopped. He also never put the child on his insurance (which he was court ordered to do). Both of these children have only met him once, neither of them remember who he is. He is very sneaky and shady and lies ways too much! All of these things are what make him the international dead beat dad!

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Wow i’m glad to see new ones being put up often great job site !!! ….. This Loser looks familiar

He lives in VA but has also lived in FL, NC, & Germany.

He has a nice new job with Carl Zeiss Microimaging.

MadMother9 I would like to tak to you more about Greg!

The_Hunter, what about him?

Do you know where he lives now?

In the second comment, I listed the states that I have known about.

I saw that but do you have an address? Or know the city?

Me personally, no. Why? You looking for him?

Yes! Also do you know the name of his girlfriend at the time if your comment?

I think Amanda, I’m not sure.

That sounds right how did you find out about her?


The_Hunter if you would like to talk, kik me @ my username.


What do you mean kik?

It is a app.

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