The Story of Aaron T. Lockhart: South Carolina’s Biggest Deadbeat!

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Ladies please beware! This deadbeat that you are currently viewing is named Aaron Toliver Lockhart Jr. His hometown is Pageland, South Carolina but he currently resides in Gaffney, South Carolina or Spartanburg, South Carolina. I met this man (and I use the term, “man” VERY loosely) through my job in July of 2009. He was most definitely a “ladies man” that won me over with his southern charm. We had quick fling that lasted July-September, ending after I discovered that I was pregnant. Initially, he was excited, or better yet astonished of the fact that he was able to create a child. But that happiness faded just as quickly as it came. We don’t live in the same city, so talking on the phone was our primary source of communication. Well, our conversations went from two or three times DAILY, to once a week, then once a month, then it stopped altogether. I had severe complications throughout my pregnancy, causing me to go into premature labor three different times, the last being when I was 32 weeks and delivered my daughter. She weighed 3lbs, 5oz and stayed in the hospital’s NICU for exactly one month. I, along with the rest of my family, attempted to get into contact with Mr. Lockhart on a daily basis to try to get him to make the three hour trip to see his daughter. We offered to pay for his gas, lodging, and food expenses but he NEVER returned any of our phone calls. I offered to come out of pocket and pay for a paternity test, yet still, no response. My daughter is now ten months old. Despite the fact that she was born nearly two months before her due date, she is thriving and doing everything that a baby her age should be doing…plus more! I have sent COUNTLESS photos of my daughter from birth until the present date, but have not gotten any response. The only members of his family who has seen her was his mother and sister (I had to play “private investigator” just to find them) when my daughter was six months old, but after the one time, neither one of them has made an effort to arrange another meeting. I am currently in the process of establishing Child Support. Because he works for the state, I believe that it won’t take too long to finally receive some form of justice. Nevertheless, I’d rather him be PHYSICALLY an active part of her life as opposed to FINANCIALLY. Ladies, if you meet this man, born October 10, 1984 (26)…RUN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION! I wouldn’t want any of you to end up in the same boat that I’m in.

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