The Truth Liar A.K.A. GrandDaddy Deadbeat

Posted on : 07-08-2011 | By : mrsshakur1975 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Texas


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Watch out ladies Skip,as I call him, can turn the truth into an lie or the lie into the truth.He perpetrates like hes the greatest dad in the world,but sic.He has his children right under his nose and will not call or visit them.Hes the type of asswipe that thinks if the baby momma not with him,then his children means nothing to him.Hes all on facebook bragging about his assets,throwing lavish parties for the community,but wont even pay his child support,of which he also bragged about on facebook.he goes to court and lies about his financial situation so he pays next to nothing in child support and refuses to pay that.A grade A Loser i tell ya.I blasted his ass on facebook as well,look up my notes mrsshakur1975,if he can do it I can too,y not!!If you happen to run across this sob u better run in the opposite direction cuz the personality is straight up deceitful!!! Hes a misognist and is narcissitc.By the way,real name is Perry Borders and he has no respect or appreciation for women what so ever.Hes the type that will screw u and then spit you out!!Trust!! His children knows him by name only cuz he quick to do for other people and charges his children if he does something for them and he also makes his children pay if he does something for someone else.Loser!!!

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