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This man is by far the worst ever. His name is Daniel Hamilton II. I found out that he cheated on me so I kicked him out. He then blackmailed me into letting him have my oldest daughter. Went to court and they gave him primary care of her. So the courts split sisters apart. I have our youngest and he has our oldest. Just over christmas I went to go pick up my girls from him. He was no where to be found and when I looked at my youngest daughter her beautiful long hair was completely chopped off. He proceeded to tell me later that day that she got a hold of scissors and did it herself. There is no way in hell that she could have done that herself she is only 2! But from my understanding his precious mommy was pissed off because I trimmed my oldest daughter’s bangs….. So it looks like retaliation. All I have to say is quit taking it out on my girls!

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i just have to say why in a million years would u let him have her to begin with i dont care what he had on u to black mail u i would have never gave him my child
sorry not trying to be mean

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