The Worst Ever!!

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I’ve been dealing with Child Support for years, with that said then most know that nothing is getting accomplished and just when I thought something was this is what happens:

I had already had two children by Mr Thomas when I became pregnant with the third. He gave me the option of either giving the baby up for adoption or aborting it. I chose another route and left him. I had the baby boy in 2004. Mr Thomas was notified of the birth but wouldn’t come see the child due to his JOB. From 2004 until 2005 he saw the children approximately 2 times. Once he showed up in the middle of the night, I’m talking about 1am-ish. The other he went to a mutual friends house and I took the kids over there. Thats when he had the nerve to look at my then boyfriend, now husband and father to my children, and ask him what we needed for the kids. We never saw anything though.

I filed for child support and the order was set at 337.00 a month. Brandons a truck driver and happened to be an owner/operator making over 100,000 a year, at least. That’s the year we didn’t see a dime collected.

Back in early 2010, there was a court date set for failure to comply. Well since they weren’t able to serve him they dismissed the case. After speaking to my worker at CSE they said that they had spoken to him and that even though he said that he was aware of the court date he had not been served physically and was therefore not required to attend. I finally got them to set another court date to modify the order. According to the worksheets with Mr Thomas’ wage info and mine, he was ordered to pay 820 a month in child support and 80 a month to cover the 16,000 in arrears. His last payment was on December 13th. I haven’t recieved the updated amount once.

He fails to call, come by, he won’t even write a letter. The two youngest children wouldn’t even give him a second look if he walked right by them. The third he repeatedly denies is his. I’ve asked him two times to take the children for a little while, and before we could even get into the particulars he either refused or something would be too important than his children. In one particular text message in regards to him seeing them he said “You got them, you keep them”. But yet he still won’t give his parental rights up so that my current husband, the one who takes care of them no matter what is going on, can adopt them.

I could type a book.

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