The worst little boy to get pregnant by sad face

Posted on : 11-03-2011 | By : lovely | In : Colorado, Deadbeat Dads


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This boy does not help out with any of his kids except one that he had by a girl in the pen because he is to scared not to do so. He is very abusive and controling but yet he can not control his life nor take care of his children. He thinks he is Nicky Barnes but he is not. He aspires to be a rapper who does not want to be these days. He let his last babymom abuse his daughter {that sorry excuse for a woman made her eat throw up and beat her she was sentenced to two years in prison} He took ole girls side on the stand againist his own flesh and blood. He currently owes 45,000.00 dollars in back child support his favorite movie is Baby Boy beware this is not you dream come true but a devil in disguise look for him on FB and other sites his name is Jammie Manning. BEWARE Ladies. He has 5 children at the young age of 26 poor kids they have one sorry ass boy to look at he does not like condoms says they take away the feeling so get a check up if you let him bare back yuck.

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