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THIS GUY ONLY WANTS TO PLAY DADDY WHEN HE FEELS LIKE IT….NOW HE HAS A NEW GIRLFRIEND WITH A BABY THE SAME AGE AND HES BEING A DAD TO HER…my ex and i have been apart since i was 6 months pregnant and now my twins are almost 3 , i was abused during pregnancy so i left him and stayed with my sister. we kept in contact until after they were born until we got into another fight when they were only acouple weeks old. He didnt buy anything for them clothes,crib,food, etc. So i took him for child support and was advised to get a protection order and full custody by my lawyer, which i did. Well i would allow visits where i would take the girls to visit his family house where he resides i didnt deal with him only his sister UNTIL the girls were almost 2, then he calls me out the blue wantitng to so called me a good father etc,So me wanting whats best for my girls i gave him that chance despite my better judgement and the order of protection. well that lasts for about 2 months and then he started acttin reall nasty and mean again, and we got into another fight(not physical). i then had him arrested on the order of protection because i wasnt comfortable. So after that i moved to GA with family for support because i had been on my own for 6 years after my parents died. Well after moving to GA his family contacted me wanting to see the girls 6 months later. i told them we were in GA and i would try and work something out but shortly after i find out im ordered to court for visiations and he wants his child support payments lowered ..So i had to move back to NJ where i was living previously so i could deal with court ,HE LIVES IN NY…i allowed my girls to visit before court because i felt bad i always have to drive them to his family house and no one ever meets me halfway or anything… So during this drop off i was soooo upset because they had some kid serve me with child support papers and when i went to pick them up they had me wait outside for 20 mins( like they always do) then had his new girlfriend bring them outside to me …i never met her but know from other people they had been together for about a year. i just feel like im trying everything and they’re just sitting back laughing at me. I told his sister to stop contacting me and for him to go for his visitation in NEW JERSEY if he wants to see them. Am i doing the wrong thing? i just feel he should be ordered to pick them up or drop them off and i should have some contact with my children while they are away..since no one calls or messages me when they have them.

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you are doing nothing wrong! it is not your job to make sure that him or his family sees the kids. if he wants to see them he needs to make the trip to see them, and the same for the family. And as far as the sister goes, she seems to be the instigator to the whole thing. also do you still have the protective order? FYI* if there was no court order for you to come back to the state of NJ, you didn’t have to* and for the girlfriend dig he’s just ass and so is she, and they both need to grow up. all in all just keep doing what your doing

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