This Man Should Win The Dead Beat Dad Award

Posted on : 03-09-2011 | By : Bertha101 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Kentucky


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Michael Jordan who is only 24 and has 7 kids that he wont take care….he has been in and out of jail and thats the only way that i can recieve child support from him. he only has to pay 120 dollars a month on both kids together and he cant even do that. my two kids dont even know who he is or that he is even there dad. because michael dont want to have nothing to do with them..i think its sad when you can lay down and have children but dont want to attend to them. ashton is almost five and emma almost four and he has never been in there lives besides once, and michael had shoved ashton off of a table because he dont like them

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I’m going to sue your ass for slander, biatch.

cant sue for slander if it is true. do your research Jack ass

It is “jackass”, you ignorant skank. Go get educated in the grammar and use of the English language before posting on this fine site.

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