This one is a real treat

Posted on : 09-12-2010 | By : thisisspecial | In : Deadbeat Dads, Nevada


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This one is a real treat… Zane Neubeck – remember this name and know you have been put on notice! Sure he may look harmless and his mild, meek personality may have you thinking…Really??? He could do no wrong. This poor excuse for a man will be lying to you from day one. NO JOB, when he does get a job spends his money on video games, tanning, other stupid things instead of paying child support.
The real topper is that he not only is a poor excuse for a dad, he is currently in a relationship because the poor girl is letting him live there for free. I tried to worn her, but unfortunetly, she doesn’t believe me. Please women, his small appendage, (if you know what I mean-less then 2 inches hard), is only the first fault this man has. Do not fall for his, oh poor me stories… Please, take responsibility for your own actions and then you won’t have any “poor me” stories to tell!

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