Tiba entertainment is a dead beat dad

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Walked out n his wife and 3 kids in May of 2007. Rented an apartment for his self and adult brother. Financially supported his brother for over 3 yrs and continues to do so without making sure the needs of his children are met. Allowed his wife and kids to live from pilar to post while he worked a full time job and promoted parties in Detroit, MI.

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I have 2 deadbeat dads. One only took care of him for a year and a half and that was when he was a teenager. The other doesn’t have any kind of relationship with his son because his wife won’t let him. That is pretty sad..

Maybe you need to look at yourself first??? Sounds like your mad because he’s not doing something for your triffling ass. Thats whats wrong with alot of you “NOTHING ASS BITCHES” yall will quickly blame the FATHER’S for your own bull shit and point the finger is his direction, but not look at your own nonsense. How you know what he’s doing when your not in his presence to see any of the things your talking about. What you “SORRY ASS BITCHES” need to do is move on and stop being bitter because he left yall slutty ass, matter fact get a job BITCHES and stop hanging on the internet all day, collecting public assistance whinning, cunt back whores!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Giggles maybe you need to mind ur own damn business bitch. First of all dumb bitch this is posted my a mutual friend of the family. My friend is far from a nothing ass bitch. Smart ass she as two college degrees and a damn good career. You noticed I stated career not a weak ass job which you probably don’t have any damn way. What you sorry ass men need to do is handle your damn business and then you won’t have to worry about being put on blast on the internet. Furthermore silly ass bitch, the whole fucking city knows what the hell he is doing cause he is just that fucked up now bend over and go fuck your self raw.

Giggles your a Dick!

Giggles …. comment is senseless Clearly that person has to be some lifeless reject looking to get a reaction for fun, Because It would be so sad for someone to be so clueless, ignorant, classless, lack of education, foolish, stupid, & a idiot all in One… This Site is needed to let other women beware of Deadbeat Dads I’ am a mom with a Career RN that happen to share a child with the wrong guy i want nothing from him but for him too try being a better Dad ,,,

Bamagyrl30 I love that comment! Giggles what species are you ,

I dont think shes bitter just because she loves her child and wants and deserves the money, it has nothing to do with the guys-thank God theyre gone, but its about the money. The men are to blame for some mothers being on assistance because the women are forced to pay 100% of the childs expenses and cover the part that is not paid by the father. Deadbeat dads are the biggest losers and I would never date a guy that had kids by leaving his family. Loserrrrrr

@giggles–how many kids are you not feeding, clothing, educating, this must be a sore topic for you, shame on you—only a mother will move mountains for her child, while deadbeat basturd calling themself dads, pay a lousy childsupport go around thinking that they are great providers, let not forget about housing our children, feeding them, clothing them, educating them, paying for entertainment, tutoring… us mother will go broke and be happy to do so for our childrens how many so call dad are willing to do the same. You’re a joke… get a life insurance policy and two years later kill yourself.

LOL Hey “Giggles” If you ever did go to school, you got robbed of a half-ass decent education. A LOT is two words “smart one”. Please get some grammer skills FAST! Do you write like that, when your filing out job apps? O wait nevermind, your too busy talking shit about single mom’s on the internet. Just becasue the DA caught up with your dumb ass and now you have to man up and handle your shit, don’t hate. I hope you get fucked really well!

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I’m so sick of seeing this loser deadbeat. Bring on the new ones!!

You bitches are the REAL DEADBEATS for having kids by no-nothing ass men!

When us men of means and money hear you bitches moanin and groanin up in our faces or on the internet about your sorry ass baby daddies we’re laughing at your stupid asses and the stupid choices you’ve made after we’ve turned you stupid bitches down!

You don’t get it that us college educated and moneyed men don’t want your tired, used up, soggy ass pussy that’s been blown out my some other dudes’ kid. Look around in your circle of influence and see how many blended families there are where a educated and gainfully employeed man has MARRIED a woman with kids by another man.


Keep wishin cuz that’s what we thinkin.

Good luck to you “baby mamas” cause your dating/martial prospects are bad now and it’s GONNA GET WORSE!

I am wondering who would have the nerve to post something like this on the internet & say that they are a family friend…really it’s obvious that who ever posted this doesn’t know either of the parties to well. I am appauled & can’t believe what I am reading…who ever wrote this needs 2 get a life & post their own business on the internet. Wow we just love haters…if this was an attempt to cause misery, or some sort of beef sorry it didn’t work but thanks so much for keeping our family in ur daily thoughts.. now go do something productive with your time, like read a book… Oh one more thing we’re going to pray for you

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