tired of the inconsistency you are a deadbeat because you do not help me with our son.

Posted on : 26-09-2010 | By : elle | In : Deadbeat Dads, Georgia


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take care of our son….i stumbled across this site and thought this was an expressive non confrontational way of getting my point across….this is ridiculous how i have to damn there beg you to take care of our son…that you know for a fact is yours…..MAN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAN UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No woman should EVER have to force a “man” to take care of his responsibilities. This guy doesn’t deserve the title of a man. Let this guy go. He’ll get his eventually. And find a real man that will love you and your son like his own.

He is a poor excuse for a man……..If he doesn’t have money at least he can attempt to give something and spend time with his child. DEADBEAT!

OMG this guy looks like Rob from NY…is that his name? Baby mama you must still have feeling cause you didn’t put him on full blast….

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