Title Holder for Kansas’ Most Overrated Deadbeat Dad

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This little gem has spent years of his life completely unconcerned with his children’s well being. He has been abusive, neglectful, and unfaithful to every woman he has ever been with, including his current wife. While skipping from town to town, faking disability claims, smoking crack, getting kicked out of the Marines for lying on his health waivers, getting fired from jobs for stealing and sleeping with employees in the walk in cooler, etc., his children’s mothers have all stepped up to the plate to take care of what he wouldn’t. After not seeing his oldest for 4+ years, he finally signed off his rights to her. She then looked to reach out to him a couple of years ago, and started to rebuild a relationship by feeding her Adderall and Diet pills. But, he was unwilling to deal with her animosity about his abandonment of her. So what did he do? HE ABANDONED HER AGAIN! His next child, he sees twice a year, constantly bad mouths her mother, and lies to the child about things that have been proven to be true. He has refused to let this child maintain a relationship with her older sister for fear he will be exposed. His other two children (that we know of) stay at home with his wife while he pursues his career dreams. Meanwhile, they don’t even know their father. This is a prime example of someone that needs to stop breeding. While his children are all wonderful people, there is no need to add to the number of children that have to grow up with a crappy dad.

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