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Posted on : 16-08-2013 | By : momanddad5112 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Virginia


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I kind of feel bad posting him as a deadbeat, but this pothead sperm doner has nothing to do with him son. He runs around clubbing, partying and doing drugs with his friends and left me right after our baby was born. He is a bully and has no idea who his son is! He won’t pay child support and is so busy going to parties, he doesn’t even want to get to know his son. Mostly, I just feel bad for this guy. He thinks that one day he is going to be a UFC champion (which should give you a good idea of what my relationship was like with such an aggressive meathead), but he has no motivation and is completely lazy. He left us a month after my baby was born so that he could punch dudes in a friend’s garage and get as many girls as he can. He’s missed the baby’s whole life so far and that’s what makes me the most angry!! Get it together, a-hole, time to be a big boy.

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Stay strong mama! I feel your pain. Reynaldo Hermosillo from San Jose, CA is a deadbeat from hell. He hasn’t supported any of his kids from different women, but he does support young prostitutes frequently as well as his meth, alcohol, and marijuana habits. Takes occasional side jobs for cash paid under the table and lives with his daddy. Beware women he is always on the prowl, and don’t ever let him in the house if you have any daughters. He is a child predator. #Sanjose #california #deadbeat

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