Total User and Loser!!!!!

Posted on : 27-08-2011 | By : Michellerules36 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Illinois


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This douche bag Shane J Hannan has avoided paying child support for 17 years now!! He was ordered in November 1994 to pay $35 per week…..yes thats right $35 per week! he has made a total of 5 of those payments 3 of wich were only because he underestimated the time he was at his job and the state was able to garnish his check. His daughter is now 17 and is well aware of this fact. He is a liar a user a cheaterand a complete and total loser who has 2 other daughters that he treats the same way but yet tells all of his new girlfriends the sob story about how all his baby’s mamas are some mean to him and crazy. He didnt even bother to call his daughter on her birthday he sent her a text for wich i’m sure he thought she should feel special for.He has served time in jail, has had NO drivers lisence, and has many other things happen to him for not paying but still cares so little that he will go through all of that just to avoid paying $35 per week.

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