Travis Levelle Norment…Deadbeat dad of America

Posted on : 14-01-2011 | By : misstiffany1106 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Texas


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If you want a sperm donor…please contact Travis. We had a beautiful baby boy by the name of Kamari Travis Norment born on April 1, 2009. He was in jail at the time that our child was born, I would take my newborn son to the jail to see his father so that they could start bonding. He would hold the baby, kiss the baby, and seemed as if he was going to be a father to my son. When he got out of jail he came by to get his things….that was September 1, 2009. He has not seen my son since then. Since the last time he saw him, he has called to check on him twice. Oh yeah did I mention that he has another son about a year older than mines…and just had a little girl that he takes care of. He refused to get a DNA test for my child but then does not claim him. WTF. He takes care of two kids that probably isn’t his and then takes care of an additional two that surely isn’t his but won’t take care of the one that I am 100% is his. Bullshit huh? He is from Marianna, Arkansas and has been back and forth between there and Texas. So please ladies watch out for this bastard….and he’s lucky if yall see him before I do. If I see him, its going to get dangerous, very dangerous

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