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My name is Johnathon Smith. I live in Poteau Oklahoma. I was with a smart funny awesome chick for 4 yrs. During that time I cheated lied and right after she left me found out she was pregnant. I said it wasn’t mine and ignored her for her entire pregnancy to screw underage girls. When the baby was finally due to be born I had lost my apartment and my job so I decided to promise her I’d be a father and like a dumbass she accepted! I lived with her and my son for a year and just couldn’t help but be a jackass the whole time. One day I grabbed my son by the arm and yanked him off the couch while yelling at him and she had enough and kicked my ass to the curb. I never visited him again after that in 2009. He is 3 yrs old but I recently told someone he was 4 because hell I don’t even know how old my own child is. Maybe its because right after leaving my son I went out and knocked up another girl and made another baby I could care less about. But if you ask me I am gods gift to women and all my ex’s are just bitches who were mean to me and don’t want me around their kids. Imagine that!!! I’m only the biggest liar in the world not to mention I like to fly off the handle and yell and scream and throw things every now and then. WHO wouldn’t want that in their kids lives?! I’ve heard another man has stepped up and has been the only father my kid has ever known. Thats a huge relief because I couldn’t be bothered by it! I’m too busy playing video games and looking for new chicks to bang.

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Just wanted to update, His son is now 5 and he still hasn’t seen him since 09. He never calls or writes or asks about him and apparently he claims he only has one child the daughter he had with someone else after we split. My son said “why isn’t he here? He doesn’t love me?” I explained that some people aren’t ready to be parents…but inside I know the truth. Some people shouldn’t even be allowed to breathe the same air. This “guy” is a lying snake. And any girl who reads this and then continues to carry on relations with him is obviously just as shitty as he is and they deserve eachother. No child should HAVE to live without their parent or wonder if they are loved. NO KID!

Also the dates are all wrong on these posts…wtf. its not 04-12-12 its 12-04-2012

he also hasnt seen his daughter in almost two years and he cant even spell her name. everytime hes supposed to see her he will come up with lame ass excuses to get out of it. like getting hit by a car and having to walk to the next state to get exrays done. he showed up at her 1st birthday party with nothing and his daughters grandma had to give him a present to give her. he will tell you everything you want to hear and keep none of his promises. if you want a guy that wants a family this is not the guy you want to be with.

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to give another update he now has another son that’s almost a year old and theres another girl currently pregnant with his third son. he already took off on her because he wouldn’t bathe. he moved out of state and is supposedly turning his life around and going to school to be a cna. and since the last update he still has not seen either his oldest son or his only daughter.

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