Unbelievable and worthless

Posted on : 12-09-2011 | By : BothParentsinONE | In : Deadbeat Dads, Florida


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First of all lets start with not having nothing to do with his daughter for ten years. Currently behind in child support in the amount of thousands! Has the nerve and audacity to start a porno and escort website using his own daughters name! Trying to go to court to lower the child support he is not even paying, how convienient! then has the nerve to sue me for attorney fees, lets not help feed our daughter but lets take more food out of her mouth unbelievable piece if sh*T! Make another freakin kid, wow congrats! BLOOD TEST HOMIE! Then submit to the court that he has been looking for a job—but wait gets better his proof is dated 2009 hellooooo it 2011 you jerk! THe list goes on and on! The navy made a great undetectable soldier.

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Sad, just sad.. sounds like my ex. Doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Deadbeats just need to PAY CHILD SUPPORT@

Please let me introduce drumroll please………Mr. Joel Horton of Jacksonville,Florida!

The LOSER pictured here is Joel Anthony HORTON!

It’s funny that you have all this time to write about a man that has tried to be in his child’s life not to mention how he paid almost 600 a month for a child he couldn’t even see. You are the reason that the family including him has not been able to see your child. Before you get on a website,like this you need to look in the mirror and see the problems with in your self. My parents use to do so much stuff for you and your child but you had the nerves to lie in court about them. Please fix the person that you are because I hate for your child to resent you when she’s older and find out why she really haven’t seen her family since she was 2. Now if you need to reach me I’m sure you will find away to contact me. Ps a dead beat dad is a person that doesn’t do anything for their child nor wants to have anything to do with them Joel is non of that. Tell my neice we love her now get some help.


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