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This losers name is David Wayne Vasquez, Sr,… In his picture he may be smiling now, but wont be when hes bent over in prison for non payment of child support!!!….DOB: 08/09/1963 Born in Stamford, TX but now lives in Grand Rapids, North Dakota… He owes $91,535.83 in back pay for his three children who are now grown adults…. Partner: Samantha Ray Vasquez …Employment:UNK
Known hangouts: Facebook when not hiding under a rock!

WARNING: David may change his appearance a bit, or his name, by dropping a letter or two.. or even change his social security number so they wont garnish his check for the huge amount of child support he owes or to keep his income tax check…but the truth of the matter is…he still remains the same…a deadbeat loser.

David has been running from his responsibilities for 18 years…he goes from job to job and moves from town to town so that he cant be forced to pay what he owes. He has been located several times and the law was enforced, but he makes one or two payments and disappears again. He has been arrested once for “contempt of court” for failing to adhere to child support order and taken to jail where he only spent a few days because he made trustee (another word for “ass kisser”)…the kicker is, he had to hire an attorney to help get him out of jail but can not come up with any monies he owes for child support…go figure!
This deadbeat had the gall to contact his three grown children on Facebook after 18 years…wow!!!!…”HI SONS. ITS ME DAD, DO YOU REMEMBER ME AFTER 18 YEARS??” WOW!!!! (again..lol) REALLY????…WHAT AN IDIOT!!….and of course blames everyone and anything but himself as to why he didn’t take an interest in his three sons lives as they were growing up….UH HELLO IDIOT, HAD YOU BEEN A GOOD ROLE MODEL THEY WOULD HAVE NEEDED YOU MORE AS CHILDREN, NOT AS GROWN MEN!!!!! In those 18 years he didn’t care to call to see if they were healthy.. had food, had clothes, shoes, shelter..or just to even make sure they were even alive!! He has began another life and has two other children who he pretends to support and acts as if hes deserving of the “Father of The Year Award”…and HOW???…HOW can a woman even stand by and love a man who never cared to check on his children??…shes just as a lowlife as he is…shame on you Samantha Ray Vasquez!!!! I feel sorry for the two children you are raising together!These two innocent kids cant help who their parents are!
He has told my sons that he is employed but wont give place of employment (but is very well known for lying)…and has actually privately sent one of them some money…i guess its a guilt trip…but the fact is that hes in arrears and owes much ,much more …He proudly posts on Facebook picture after picture of his home, which can only be downloaded via cell phone or camera…obviously a computer…these items cost money….goes to show where his priorities lie…..so, does this prove anything??? Does it prove that he IS employed, but being paid under the table ; or maybe under an assumed name….. this proves he will spend money on these items but wont be a man and take care of his responsibilities to his children ….or does it only prove that he still stays drunk and cant hold a job while his wife/girlfriend supports him,which is the story of is life…..If by some miracle he is employed anyone out there can give me information about where hes employed, PLEASE do so…anything would be appreciated! And if you come across his profile him on Facebook or face to face in North Dakota, you will have come across a true deadbeat crappy so called dad!!!!

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Just wanted to make a two corrections to this post…David lives in Grand Forks, North Dakota (not grand rapids)…and his correct year of birth is 1964 (not 1963)…I apologize for these important mistakes!…Responsibleparent68

Yes, I already turned this man in to the child support patrol. They should catch him any day now and throw him in the deepest cell where half nigger-half rats with giant penises rape and torture the child support deadbeats non-stop.

Hahahahahahah . I was joking baby. If I’d see this man at a bar, I would buy him a beer and shake his hand.
We hate child support because it is unfair to men. The more men refuse to pay, the sooner the system will collapse. So, he is a brother. And you are the deadbeat, a slut. You had your chance to have your own man, to be a respectable woman, but you blew it. So now go get that second, or third job, send the kids to distribute newspapers, babysit, etc. Or go and beg for welfare and foodstamps like a whiny slut.

WOW JACK ASS!!…So funny how u chose to signal my story out of all the others…ur not that smart and definately have no damn sense!!!u must be a booty buddy he met in jail…and/or someone hiding behind a name due to being an idiot…unable to tell who they truly r for fear of what u look like inside and out EFFING UGLY!!!….Not that I owe u an explanation but for ur info, THIS woman left that idiot because he is a low life!!!…HE IS THE SLUT ALONG WITH HIS WIFE…and look, im telling it to ur damn face if needed!!!…He couldnt hold on to ME!!!…OR A JOB…but u know that urself, along with the criminal record he has….
Ur just as low life for thinking its ok to live off wellfare and medicaid but thats expected from low lifes like u…I have had a respectable job for many years, along with a college education so get ur shit right!!!…if u wanna talk shit about me, do ur homework first dumb ass!!!…Im no dead beat, I raised my kids to b great adults without his ass…BUT GUESS WHAT???…the “child support patrol” have found him and he has to pay for the rest of his life!! LMAOOO ALL THE DAMN WAY TO THE BANK FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE…so i dont need foodstamps, him and his other kids do!!! …my sons are grown men now!!!!
…So when u see him again, u will b buying him more than one beer because he cant afford to buy ur whore ass one!!!…and so sorry, as u can c, since i dont need foodstamps i wont be running into ur slutty ass mom standing in line trying to get hers…
…you JACK ASS r a racist idiot who deserves to be sent to jail and dealt with by those u speak of!!!…its unfortunate that u r here on this earth taking up space!!…HAVE A GREAT DAY DUMB ASS!!!


Wow … The Dark Side is strong in this one … Woman, you need to chill, you sound stressed out. Maybe you need a massage, a drink, or both. Tell us, what respectable job did you have? Why don’t you still have it? What was your major in college?

So, now we find out that your ex-husband is married, in other words, some woman found him attractive and charming.

I will tell you flat out what is your problem: after you had children, you turned into a 100% mommy and 0% wife. And NOW, you come here, trying to convince us that your ex-husband is the bad guy. He is not. You turned into a bad lay. I’ll bet you are also frigid. Anger does that to a woman, I’ve seen it before and it is not a pretty picture.

As far as I am concerned, I have a respectable job, where I don’t have to break my back working (see, I am posting this during work hours), I have a Bachelor’s and a Master’s. I am 8 years into my current marriage, my wife ADORES me, I am respected in the community.

Here’s a parting shot: What will you do if your grown-up sons will fall in the same child support trap that you laid for your ex? Or maybe you don’t love your children all that much?

Hello, My name is Jen and I am a producer for a talk show in NYC. Please give me a call I am doing a show on deadbeat dads and would like to help you out. 347-974-1641.

Hey Jack Ass…
For your information, I have an Associate’s in Criminal Justice…and a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology….I work for the CJ system in my county…I am certified Probation Officer..I have worked for county for 8 years…as well as a certified hairstylist to help make ends meet….
..Now that we have settled that, u now know I’m not depending on any welfare system …so as u can c, I don’t break my back at my job either….Not that I have to explain myself to u, but for whatever reason u have chosen to continue riding my ass…for some reason, u seem to b infatuated with my comments on my children’s father….As far as your comment on him finding love elsewhere, that’s not my concern….I don’t care what he does, so long as he takes care of his responsibilities….I’m sure there are many out there who find him charming, they know no better….that’s why this blog is here….it’s called “crappy dads” for this reason…furthermore….me frigid???? ,my sex life is none of your concern..now, if u had a talk with him about it, u may find out that he couldn’t compete with what he knows nothing about…so enough of that since I’m not here to bash his sexual capabilities….Funny I have been In a relationship 20 years, and was still here for my sons..through every phase of their lives and still manage to become educated and b a mother and a father!!!!

As far as this so called wife adoring u….I don’t believe you….for if your relationship was all that great, u would not spend so much time on a website that has nothing to do with u…or wait, maybe it does!!!! R u so offended because it sounds as if I’m describing u???? Sounds as if this is the case!!!! And I feel as if there’boredom in your bedroom since your so taken by my comments..ha!ha! U are a joke!!!

In reference to it question about if my son’s were in his situation….let me say this…they were raised by me, to b responsible. They are all grown and have no children due to living their lives…they understand the importance of a child’s life and that it takes a real man to b a father and being a father is an honor, not a joke..they know what their so called scrumbag dad is and they know what not to do when it comes to having children, as well as when their maturity level is right to be a parent…don’t b stupid Jack Ass…A great mother has raised them into great men, never getting themselves into that situation.

Update….This lowlife David Vasquez is apparently still unable to b a responsible, his wife has divorced him…she will b on here creating a profile herself one day…looking for him since he won’t be responsible in helping care for their children…words of wisdom to the next…..he can run, but he can’t hide!!!!

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