Warning run if you see him better yet kick him in the balls!!!!!!!!!!!!LIAR!!!!!!!CHEAT!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on : 30-08-2011 | By : kickedhimout09 | In : Deadbeat Dads, North Carolina


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His name is Jeffrey Faulk, he is a correctional officer at New Hanover Department of Corrections—-He has three beautiful children that he does not take care of, doesn’t even call. He uses the excuse he doesn’t have any money as to why he can’t see his children but he can sleep around with a married woman and spend money on her (all while he is still legally married). He is a liar, I think he breaks out in hives if he tells the truth. He lies don’t believe anything he says unless he has written documentation from an authoritative source to back it up. He cheated on his wife of 10 years and he is currently staying with a woman and is sleeping with a married woman…. ALert Alert somebody call the pound a dog is on the loose. . . . . He does nothing absolutely nothing for his kids no Xmas gifts no Birthday gifts no nothing .. . He doesn’t even know what grade they are going to. . . LOUSY DEADBEAT SPERM DONOR. . . AND HE IS STILL LEGALLY MARRIED TO THEIR MOTHER. . . HE IS A SORRY EXCUSE FOR A MAN. . . CAN’T EVEN CALL HIM A MAN BECAUSE A MAN WOULD AND COULD DO BETTER. .. . IF YOU MADE THEM TAKE CARE OF THEM. . .AND NOT BECAUSE THE COURT ORDERS YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s more than financial support. . . Please avoid this idiot at all costs.

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