Washington, DC and Virginia

Posted on : 10-12-2010 | By : Babymommo5 | In : Deadbeat Dads, District of Columbia


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Bewae of the deadbeat bastard five kids five baby momma’s, one a crackhead, dont take care of none.
I have the baby from on his baby mother’s the crackhead slut named Latoya Rucker.
In and out of jail, but smoker, liar, theif and cheater!!!!
Beware ladies, and dont get fool by the big dick and the swag, he aint shit…

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BITCH….you got life messed up…take my mans pic off of here and stop being a fat nasty spongebob lookin bitter ass bitch…..you smile in toya face…..now you put her up here and she dont have anything to do with nothing…..you are a loser….get over it HE DONT WANT YOU OR YOUR ASS…with you smelly ass p*ssy…clean that shit up spongebob….oh and dont let me see you bitch

Bitch # 1 nobody wants Moses ugly ass but you, #2 ask him where I be @ cuse int nothing but a thing Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not even goa respnd to the rest cause is the same Pussy he was on and now ur bitch ass tasting>> TO GROWN FOR THE BULLSHIT, COME SEE ME BITCH


LLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I said Bitch he knows where I live @ bring it !!!!!!!!!! @ babymommo6 u be on our page soon,,,,you stupid bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont think so….its called birth conrtol dummie….learn to invest in some….never will i be like you….. babymomma5…lol…thats cute yet sad….This will be the last comment…..BYE BITCH

You go hard in here ugly Bitch come see me and stop all the rapping!!!! Leave the rapping for him with his no record deal ass
Only a ulgy bitch like you will come in here and fight for a ugly motherfucker like moses….. Like a said too fucking grown for the lil kid back and forth shit bitch COME SEE ME AND GET THIS ASS WHOPPING BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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