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Posted on : 04-04-2011 | By : carrieanne129 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Missouri


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This is Zachary Lechleitner, he has not seen or talked to his son in over a year this time. Before that it was 4 years. He is ordered to pay $111.00 a month in child support but can’t afford it. I found this pic on his myspace page.

Last I knew he was in Troy, MO. Before that he lived in Janesville, WI. I am looking to find him along with the State of Wisconsin for child support owed.

If you can help any please do. All others run fast don’t fall for his BS!

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this deadbeat has money and wont support his kids…..

What a coincidence! My deadbeat posted pictures of the same nature. I printed them out and sent them to the judge he was recently before and he was begging to because “he didn’t have the money, business was slow etc.” and to child support enforcement and anyone else I thought would have influence over our case. It took a while but we finally have a bench warrant!!! Keep fighting girl, no one else will for our kiddos!

When a male posts photos of himself with cash..or cars and acts like that’s an extension of his unit, you know he has a tiny winky. Hope you find this dropshot loser.

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