Wat up Yo!My name is O!

Posted on : 26-08-2011 | By : qwerty64 | In : Deadbeat Dads, North Carolina


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wat up yo! my name is omar ching but my fellas call me o.i live n greensboro, nc.i currently have a son on the way.but am i gonna take care of him?hell nah!my baby moms is a pretty decent chick.but now that she pregnant i have no intentions on bein wit her.not to long ago she was hospitalized.did i go?nope.why?because i dont give a fuck.im currently datin somebody and she has a daughter who i love to take care of.fuck my son!my baby moms was offered a high payin job in ATL.but she didnt take it because she wanted to stay close by so my son would have a good bond wit me.little does she know i dont give a fuck becuz i dont appreciate shit.why should i?i gotta girl dats more important.my pops wasnt around so y should my son have one?

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