Watch out CLEVELAND!!

Posted on : 27-08-2011 | By : ihateumore13 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Ohio


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Nick Witkowski age 29 from Cleveland OH:
I was married to this loser for a few years, he had to have a baby sooooo bad and when we finally did, he barely paid any attention to her. Then we split up and he ran away back home to mommy and hasn’t seen, talked to, or helped with his daughter. He’s supposed to pay child support but doesn’t work so he doesn’t have to. THANKS NICK. LOVE YOU TOO!!

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Hey, My name is Jen and I am going through the same thing. I am a single parent and get nothing from my baby’s father. I also work in the TV industry in NYC. We are doing a show on deadbeat dads and looking to bring people here. If you are interested or know anyone that is please give me a call at 347-974-1641 Thanks Jen

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