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He can take his girlfriends kids out. But he can do nothing for his. he has a son of his own that he has done nothing for. he has never paid a dime for. He works side jobs just so he doesnt have to pay support.

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It is easy to call someone a deadbeat dad, but….what about mooching moms? I’m talking about women who sleep around, get pregnant, and then blame the guy she is with. Best of all…the state will continue to collect child support without a blood or dna test. What the heck is up with that? No defense if you can’t even get a test!!!!!

Sunny, honey … this is not the site for that … our focus is the guys so that we can warn other women before they become victims, too ….

Another piece of crap

I was wondering if this site even worked. Thats why I was so vague with my post. I’m so glad to see it went through. My Ex Is such a piece of crap. He refuses to pay pay child support but justice was finally served recently when the judge found him in contempt of court for failing to comply with the divorce decree. He thought that by not having a legit job and that living in Illinois that it excused him from having to pay. He was WRONG!!! Such an Idiot. What gets me is that the woman he is with condones it. She gets support from her ex and she thinks that its ok that my ex should not pay the measly $45.00 a week that he was ordered to pay. Now before anyone gets hasty. I didnt trap the jerk. Didnt even want anything from him. I was married to him for a lot of years. Without getting into specifics he was given ample opportunity to walk away free and clear. I had asked him to help with school supplies and his response to my daughter was I will buy you pencils and your Mom can buy the ret. He does nothing for her. He is nothing. He is a bad influence around her and I cringe everytime she has to be around him.

For Sonny… Mooching Moms??? It takes two. If a guy is so relentless on not wanting a woman to get pregnant or is feeling the potential that he could be trapped, wrap it up. And the courts do not order support for any child if a question is raised about paternity. Once its raised the swabbing is done. If the child is not a match, guess what you dont pay. Thats law. At least thats the law I know.

I’m wondering what Country is Sonny from he seems very clueless’ or he’s just another deadbeat with excuses .,,,.

I would have to choose curtain B…

Could i ask you how much of a wait did you have before this deadbeat was posted up here? I have been waiting a few weeks for my babies deadbeat loser Dad to be exposed on here…

It does not take long, my deadbeat ex found out about the post and he wasen’t even man enough to post under his own name he tried to use my oldest daughter deceased father name but spell it wrong. Post lies, about me and included my girls name I really picked a piece of shit and never did he mention the over 7,000 in back child support he owes. So it does work and if they use the internt a lot they will find out.

Thanks Rlatzzis , that’s sad my sons father is a piece of crap as’well!! His girlfriend is 54 years old he’s 33 He prefers to provide for her and her 78 year old mom! Rather than his 10 & 3 year old babies he’ll send them what’s left over after their taken care of What man does that?? I really do hate him men like that/this should come with a sign on them as a warning run the other way! I wish i could have seen him on a site like this before meeting the loser….

I think it was like a month before my picture and post actually showed up on here. I kind of gave up on the site until I got a yahoo message stating that I recieved a comment on it. I was so happy that it finally went through. I hate this man with every ounce of my being. A lot of these guys get involved with other women and think that they dont have to provide for their children. I would prefer it that way. For I dont need his measly $45.00 a week…That he cant even pay, But he can go out drinking and running around with his girlfriend and her kids. He can Scratch My A$$ on that…He thought he was gonna have my daughter over Mothers day weekend, because that was his weekend. Thats the kind of balls he thinks he has. Well needless to say she didnt go.

My posts have never shown up and the piece of crap I wrote about owes over 12,000 in child support, has been arrested for drunk driving, done nothing the courts have ordered him to do and is walking around with a smirk on his face that says catch me if you can …
he just remarried and she knows none of this …. not that I care … she’s the bitch that broke up my sister’s marriage to this piece of shit …. she will learn soon enough and at the end of the day, my sister and her kids are better off without him … just another piece of crap

Sorry to hear that “No Faith” I had been taking my ex to court and had almost given up but then the judge found him in contempt. Tell your sister to not lose hope. As far as the new wife. The new women that come into the lives of these men have no idea what they are about and are as foolish as we once were. I had no problem with my exes broad for she can deal with his crap. I put up with it for ten years and that was too long as it was. She can have him. The only problem I have with her is when she thinks she can open her trash mouth when she has no business in mine. That I will not tolerate…Your sister and the kids are probably better without that guys with the whole drinking thing anyway. Good luck and be positive. Every Dog has their day!!!

Thank you, Tammy … that is true … and he is a dog!

I just added mine yesterday so we will see. My loser is was ordered to pay $60.00 a week and is 48,000 behind with me and $53,000 with wife one. He never paid on the other five with his one night stands..
Hope they post him soon!!!

To Sonny: what state do you live in were they don’t do a DNA test to determine paternity?? Last time I check thats mandatory in child support cases!

sounds like my dead beat dad..i hope he burns in hell!

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