What a LOSER!!!!!!!!!

Posted on : 29-08-2011 | By : Ihatedeadbeats | In : Deadbeat Dads, Virginia


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This BOY has 2 kids which he only has to pay 387. a month total. He normally only works 5 months a year and lives with his girlfriends parents in Chesapeake. He is over 6000 in the rears. He gives the mom 3 days notice usually when he wants to see his kids from 3 states away.( He complains that the mom takes too much money he can’t afford them, and gives them back early). He has pulled his son out of therapy he has taken his kids out of ballet and Karate and is now attempting to pull them from football and chearleading. He orders there mom to drop everything to pick them up and uses the kids to make the moms life crazy. They are pawns in a game to him. He didn’t even bring car seats for children under 8 when he picked them up. He is collecting unemployment pays no rent and his mommy pays his cell phone bill. He has no car no job and mooches money off anyone. The mom was so ready for the divorce she even paid the notary fees.

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