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Okay so here is the dead beat people said had to put the FLEX on me in order for me to have ever loved him let alone have children with him.. He is what you call a seasonal father.. and although we live in two different states, when we had both resided in the State of NEW YORK he did absolutely nothing for his children. He is what you call a part time daddy and although every tells him he is a great father, he IS NOT!!! He has 4 or 5 children and does not take care of any of them. This man is the biggest bum you will ever meet in your life. MEET NAKIA BITCHASS FACEY, He is a mooching ass niggah that has his grandmother and girl friend taking care of his children. He calls his children everyday and does nothing but make empty promises to them. Nakia is that loser, he is running around busting a nut in every women with a uterus and a vagina. Good luck for them cause I wouldn’t let that infected nasty fuck me if I had a prosthesis for a twat. I am disgusted at the fact that he is making all these children yet his grandmother is paying his child support for his first child and for my children he owe almost 5G’s in back child support and expects that the people are going to drop the case if he continues to ignore the claims papers that is being mailed to his house. Nakia aka Jr.. will sit there and tell everyone that he does for his children but in 3 years I have received on a CRAPPY 200 dollars for my children. He becomes jealous because reguard less of what he does not do my children stay clean and are doing extremely well in school and in life.. So whether he does for them or not they will always be well taken care of. KICK ROCKS DEAD BEAT

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he’s busting nuts because yall letting him. Close ya legs or wrap it up and u won’t have these issues.

Hey, My name is Jen and I am going through the same thing. I am a single parent and get nothing from my baby’s father. I also work in the TV industry in NYC. We are doing a show on deadbeat dads and looking to bring people here. I will be able to help you out in your situation. If you are interested or know anyone that is please give me a call at 347-974-1641 Thanks Jen

Well, well well, isnt this funny. I am actually going through the same thing WITH NAKIA!!! But he actually left me because i am pregnant. I am due to have his baby in april. If you have 2 kids with him, that would make him have 6 kids with a 7th kid on the way. He actually led me to believe he was leaving his wife for me. But said if i am pregnant, he cant be with me. He changed his number. I know for a fact he takes care of his youngest son. But i am not sure if his youngest son is his youngest now. I only know about His daughter and 3 boys. I would really like to get in contact with you. I am assuming you live in florida?? His wife said he had a kid in flordia, but he just lied when i asked him. I found out more about this man then he ever thought i would. SO really its time to make his life hell.

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