Who Dat Who Dat??? is that my Daddy didn’t know

Posted on : 09-09-2010 | By : alaw06 | In : Deadbeat Dads


This Bobby R. Sparks II deadbeat of the year. He has a 9mo old that he hasn’t done anything for. He hasn’t seen his child since he was 5wks. The baby have had multiple stays in the hospital. NOT ONCE have Bobby come to see him or check on him. He hasn’t paid a bill, CS NOTHING. ALL I can say is google him. Judge for yourself. Ask him ………….OH he says he doesn’t have any MONEY. But when you google him. TELLL me what you think. HE WILL BE the DEADBEAT OF THE YEARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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you right mamazz i googled him and he needs to man up. he is a pig. and he look gay.

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