Why He So Shitty!

Posted on : 29-08-2011 | By : hotpink10 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Indiana


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This is my father Pernell Richardson, and is is a Dead BEat Dad! Pernell hass to pay child support or they will take him to jail, i guess that why hes so shitty but it comes right out of his check. i ask this man for 100 bucks every few months and he always gives us his famous line” I aint got no job, and yo mama gets child support so ask her for it”. What he failes to understand is that my mother dosent give me the money she uses it to pay bill and ect. This man has hurt not only my heart but also my sister. He has yet to come see his first grandchild. An has the nevers to tell me he is tired of me when i dont even do anything to be treated this way. he never called and always had something to say when it came too child support, but now I see that all he cared about was his money.

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Hey, little coon.. Maybe you should go back to school and get an education. They’ll teach you how to write properly.

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