William D Ozanich

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This man is the father of twin two year old boys. He chooseS his friends/partying over his family. He has lived within walking distance of his boys and has seen them four times in a year and a half. He doesnt pay child support,taxes or his bills and takes no responsibility for his sons or his actions. So if you come across this man make sure he wears a condom. HE IS A TRUE DEAD BEAT DAD!

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Update- this deadbeat has had every opportunity to see his sons and has demanded in our divorce decree to have his sons on his given holiday schedule and twins summer vacation schedule however has ignored all contact with them when he is supposed to have visitation. When my boys ask me why daddy doesn’t visit them or answer when they call I have to tell them to ask him that someday.
William Ozanich prefers to stick his head in the sand and pretend they don’t exist just like his taxes! He hasn’t filed taxes since 1993 so how am I supposed to collect child support from this crappy deadbeat!
He is strung out on steroids, alcohol and any drug or prescription he gets his hands on so beware!

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