William DANIEL Hammond!!

Posted on : 13-09-2011 | By : nsu011910 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Louisiana


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This guy right here is a deadbeat dad for sure! He has not seen either one of his kids since July 9th! He is also $3,000 back on child support for one and almost $1,000 for another. I know there is other so called fathers out there that are further behind or never seen their kids, but to me this guy is pathetic. He wants to go around claiming he loves and misses his children, where he hasn’t seen his youngest more than 3 times in almost a year. These kinda parents are the worst because they confuse their children and cause more hurt and despair. I am sending out a warning to all girls that want to even think about getting into a relationship with Daniel. He will pull the blind fold over your eyes until he knows he has you trapped and then his true colors will come out. RUN FAST!!! This guy does not deserve to bring anymore children into this world because he doesn’t take responsibility for the two he has now. Very very sad and pathetic excuse for a man!!!!!!!!!

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i agree completly bc i am his 1st exwife and he know owes over 6000 in back child support he is pathetic and he has not seen our daughter since july 10 2011. he is know engaged to another women and she is currently married to someone else and she has kids of her own that he will do for but does nothing for his two children. it aggravates me so much but i do know he has been turned into the IRS and i am fixin to get another court date set up. like an idiot i have gave him chance after chance for the past almost 4 years to prove that he is a good father and he FAILS every time i done with being nice. all he has done is screw with his kids head and he doesnt call or anything and know his daughter doesnt even mention him anymore if i do she changes the subject like she doesnt care and she is only 4 thats sad when a 4 year old has gave up on there father. someone needs to help us catch this low life and put him away.

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