William Michael Devaney

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Owes over 20,000 dollars in 2 years and has only made one payment of $20.19.
moved out of state and fathered another kid he does not help support.
he leaves jobs as soon as they get contacted about garnishing his wages.
shows up when ever it is convenient for him in new clothes and shoes and talks about how he is a better man than the guy that raises and supports his daughter.

also he is convicted of multiple domestic violence charges \including a minor.
warning he leaches of anyone that will let him

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update! 10000 more added to child support he hasn’t paid.
to check his warrants go to bci.utah.gov and look him up under warrant search. Still hasnt appeared for his violence charges

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Update! He has been arrested 4 more times. Another domestic violence, DUI, and no insurance. Plus almost 50,000 in behind support.

Deadbeat dad Brett Gyllenskog from Logan, Utah.

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