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Posted on : 22-02-2011 | By : amqprr | In : Deadbeat Dads, Louisiana


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His name is Allen Charles Richardson, sometime he goes by Allen and other times by Charles. Our son is 8 years old and hasn’t seen his father since he was 16 months old, the day Allen chose to hit his son for crying in the car. He is suppose to pay $254 a month, I’m luck to get $93 a month every 3 months from this man. At this moment he owes me $16,000 in back child support. My son is not the only child he has, he has 4 more in Florida and hasn’t ever paid anything for them. Our child is disabled and Allen still refuses to pay the child support and have health insurance on him. He states on POF (Plenty of Fish) that he lives in Alpenia, Michigan, but he is on probation in Louisiana and is not allowed to leave the state. He spends most of his time in and around Baton Rouge and on dating sites looking for his next meal. BEWARE!

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He has two more here in montana with me.. Mine are almost 5 years old and they are both disabled.. and they are girls.. he even told me that he couldn’t be a real black man if he had girls and yet I now have twin daughters… He has never seen them and won’t even bother to give me any family history to help get to the bottom of their disabilities.

If you are not opposed to the idea, would you like to email.. i would very much like my daughters to know they have other family out there and maybe see if our kids have similar disabilities.

Allen Charles Richardson lives now in Webster County Michigan, my support paperwork is being sent to Webster County Michigan.

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