Women come before his child!

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I met my ex in 2009 and fell in love. I was a virgin at the time and thought he was the one little did I know it was a lie. When I found out I was pregnant he was excited and talked big junk how he would provide for us and get an apartment. He started cheating on me. I caught him in the car with another girl while I was 6 months pregnant. I should have known than he was going to be a crappy dad.

Our daughter caught RSV and I asked him to come see her and to come to the appointments with us. Do you think he came? Nope my baby was not on his mind. Hier first Valentines day came do you think he brought her a gift? Nope,nothing for Easter either. He does nt call or come by on Holidays. He has not been paying child support lately. Do not call,text, or come see her. His mom says he can’t come see my daughter because he has a girlfriend yep that’s what she says and to be honest he didn’t start actng really stupid until he met this dumb chick and moved in with her. To me they are dumb because who wants to be with someone who does not care about their child? He left me to raise our daughter alone. He doesn’t care how she is doing anything but you can go look on his facebook and see how he has money to spend on his new live off of girl and take pictures with but he can’t afford to pay child support.

It wouldn’t be so bad if he would just pick up the phone and see how she is doing. The sad thing is my baby looks just like him and he acts like she does not exist. I feel like a failure to her. I was suppose to give her a dad that would be there and help me raise her but no I had to wear my heart on my sleeve and pick the biggest jerk ever. He is truly a crappy dad. How could anyone go a month without even seeing their child. He tells his mom he doesn’t call to keep down drama. Yeah right you don’t call because you don’t care!

He even got a 16 year old pregnant and she told me she had an abortion. He was messing around with her the same time he called himself working things out with me. I hope the person he is with stays with him no other woman should have to go through what my baby and I go through.

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@missj2007 I’m a television producer taping a show on deadbeat dads next week. I’d love to talk to you about your story. You can reach me at 212.419.7413. Thanks! Hope to hear from you.


Sad that people just don’t want to handle their responsibilities! Just PAY UR CHILD SUPPORT

Hi! My name is Denise, I am a TV producer in LA. I would love to talk to you about what’s going on. Please call me at 323-451-2446 Thank you so much! -Denise

Hello, My name is Jen and I am a producer for a talk show in NYC. Please give me a call I am doing a show on deadbeat dads and would like to help you out. 347-974-1641.

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