World’s biggest Deadbeat

Posted on : 03-10-2010 | By : wildmaple | In : Deadbeat Dads, Nevada


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    This guy here! let me tell you!:
    NO child support
    Jehovah Witness
    Fraudulent lifestyle
    Continues to have children, only to bail on them in a few short years.

If you see this guy (B’otis Antonio) RUN!! DUCK!! TAKE COVER!! PRAY!! He lies, beats women, doesn’t take care of his children and will have you believe he is a saint, when in reality, he is the devil in disguise. Everything he tells you is full of lies, lies, lies. He will even lie about his NAME! good gracious! Again, If you see him around the state of california, or the city Las Vegas, RRRRRUUUNNNN!!!

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Naming his religion helped what?! Just another way to try and shed a bad lighting on JW’s. Im sure if he was Catholic or baptist it wouldnt matter. Either way, his actions are horrid no matter what his “religion”.

I felt as if it helped my story. I would have named his religion regardless of the situation. And guess what? its my article. Did I ask you to approve? I didn’t think so. If JW’s always get a bad rep, its the JW themselves that cause it. So with that being said, this horrible man is a JW…rrruuuunnnnn!!!

LMBO @ this post! He is especially shameful if he is calling himself a JW because they don’t even believe in a man even courting a girl unless he has intentions of marrying her. They should put his butt out of the Hall like they did my uncle for having a girl shack up with him! This dead beat not taking care of his kids! wow

I do not judge anyone’s religion, BUT if a deadbeat is “saying” he is a JW, it’s a copout, its an excuse for not participating in holidays and birthdays because he is either BROKE or selfish. What an a$$hole!!! (Sorry to say he looks familiar).

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